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50 Best Auto Repair Shop Names for Your New Business

Simple auto repair shop names can be a powerful marketing strategy. Such a name will tell customers who you are and what you do. It will also deliver a message that you know who your customers are, and what is important to them. This is especially important to ensure customers who are unfamiliar with your brand aren’t confused.

Are you a small business owner with a sense of humor? One way to make your auto shop unforgettable is to make people laugh when they first hear the name. A funny auto re

Virtual College Fair 2021: The Ultimate Guide

College fairs are a great opportunity to help your students with their college search. A virtual college fair isn’t any different. It can be just as valuable for high school students, parents, and counsellors since it simulates an in-person event. But they do need to be approached differently, and having the right strategy in place can do wonders for your event.

To help you host an incredible virtual fair, we have put together this guide. In it, we’ll cover:

• Questions to Ask Your Provider

7 Strategies to Boost Organic Growth of Your Ecommerce Store in Trinidad and Tobago

Did you know that search engines drive the lion’s share of profit producing traffic for many ecommerce stores? This is because a vast majority of people who make purchases online rely on search engines to find products. This traffic is key to organic growth.

However, if you ignore search engine optimization (SEO) for your online store, you are basically leaving cash on the table.

When you aren’t visible on search results, fewer customers will know about you, translating into less sales and slo

Best Dog DNA Test | Best Dog DNA Test Services in UK

Are you a proud pet owner of a mixed breed? Think you know your dog’s breed but don’t have the papers to confirm it? If your dog’s lineage is not clear or you have a doubt about your dog’s parentage, the best dog DNA test kits breed identification can solve your dilemma. A dog DNA test will also help you understand your dog’s behavior better. For example, it will finally make sense why your dog insists on barking, or why he is particularly afraid of water. Once you know your dog’s breed or breed

Make Your Own Homemade Vitamin C Serum

Whether you are struggling with age spots, dull skin, acne scarring or wrinkles, vitamin C has got you covered. This potent antioxidant helps protect the skin from free radicals, UV rays and pollution. While you could increase Vitamin C intake through your diet, topical application helps this power-packed remedy act right where it is needed. Afterall, the skin, especially the outermost layer, along with the hair and nails, receives the least nutritional support from the body.

While vitamin C ca

The Guide to Becoming a Minimalist Woman

A lot of people assume that minimalism means living with less, when in fact, it is all about living with intention and awareness. Sure, minimalist interior decor does include a minimum of belongings and a lot of open space, but a lifestyle calls for something different and is unique to every individual.

The minimalist lifestyle calls for intention and awareness of every person, thing and activity we choose to keep in our lives. It calls for freeing ourselves of every person, thing and activit

Guide - All You Need to Know About Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations are an important part of medical education. In the last two years of medical school, medical students get an opportunity to gain hands-on experience working in clinics and hospitals. Clinical rotations are also called clinical clerkships, clinical experiences, clinical training, or clinicals. Each rotation experience is speciality-focused, such as surgery, paediatrics, internal medicine or psychiatry.

A rotation won’t give you enough expertise to practice a particular special

The Real Winner from Saudi's New Stance on Women Drivers

We all cheered for Saudi women last month when Saudi Arabia lifted the driving ban on women. The next consideration was the short and long-term implications of the Saudi government’s decision on the auto and insurance industries.

Who benefits the most?

The first question is which industries will benefit the most from this decree? The obvious answer is the car manufacturers, but there will be a multiplier effect to this decision. As the decree goes into effect in June 2018, we can expect the nu

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